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Undercover Love (Five Stars!!!)

If you haven't read my review with the talented Brenda Cothern be sure to head over and check it out after reading about her book!

So this was a little different from any book I have posted on my blog so far. Fair warning this is a darker story with a number of triggers so not for the faint of heart.

First I would like to say how wonderful it was that the author takes the time in the forward to explain differences between the gay BDSM community compared to the straight BDSM community. Along with information about the Russian Mafia and male human trafficking. This not only helps for those that are not informed about those communities and differences but also helps inform the reader of what the story involves.

I won't go through a recap of the story, you can find out all about it in the blurb when you go to grab your very own copy to read. I will say that this is an MM romance read and amazingly done.

The author did an amazing job piecing this story together and I loved her characters. You get the strong, morally grey, tenderness, and darkness all in one read. I was pulled into the story right from the beginning and absolutely loved the suspense and the morally grey characters. The author does a wonderful job of keeping things in grey, life is never black and white, and neither are the topics in Undercover Love. The author does a wonderful job with some very sensitive and dark topics. I really appreciated the attention to detail and all of the research the author must have done to keep the book accurate and real. She blurs the lines between good and bad and has you question everything you know. This story has it all; intrigue, romance, disturbing darkness, and plenty of kink. If you enjoy a fantastically written, dark romance, with amazing characters then be sure to check out this book! Links below to purchase your own copy to read.

You can find all of her books on her Amazon profile

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26 may 2023

Thank you so much for the wonderful review, Colleen! xoxo Brenda

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