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The White Devil's Shadow Review!

I was lucky enough to find this amazing read on Kindle Unlimited! I am so glad I have found the author Virginie Marconato. The White Devil's Shadow is the first book I have read by this author and it definitely won't be the last. Historical romance is a genre I have read before but don't go back to very often. However, this author does a fantastic job with the historical details and makes you feel like you are living the story.

For The White Devil's Shadow the author really places you in the medieval time period. Her details in the story are strong and her relationship with the characters really ties it all together. If you are familiar with this time period you will know that marriages were often set up by families and the women rarely had a choice, especially within nobility. Husband's were often abusive, cruel, unfaithful, or at the very least uncaring, seeing their wives as possessions instead of partners. The author wanted a true love story and while French nobleman Amaury de Malfete is lost to battle and presumed dead for four years just after his marriage to Welsh heiress Eirlys he returns, determined to show his wife that he is not like his forefathers and truly sees her. The author does a wonderful job of building her characters and pulling you into their story. The story is beautifully written and draws you in right from the beginning. You want to see the love develop between these characters, you want to see them get their happy ending. They both have a past and demons to fight along with typical societal norms from the medieval time period but the author does a terrific job of pushing and pulling to allow the characters to fight for what they really want.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and can't wait to read more from this author. If you are interested in historical romance then be sure to pick up one of her books to read now! You can find her books at the links below!

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