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Sweet Surrender by LM Fox so much more than an epilogue!

I wish I could give these books 10 stars! If you haven't read The Bitter Rival or The Deprivation Trilogy I suggest you start now. I was lucky enough to find LM Fox about a year ago when she first started The Deprivation Trilogy and I have hung on her every word since. If you love epic drama love stories, with plenty of angst, twists, real life trauma, and some medical drama thrown in then these books are a must read! Trust me you will not be disappointed, at least not until you have read them all and want more!

While this book says it's an epilogue, it is soooo much more. I loved coming back to Sebastian and Isabella's story. They face true struggles, both physically and emotionally. Each character has their own fears but they both grow so much through the book. One of my favorite characters, which surprised even me, was Austin, Isabella's autistic son. He really stole my heart in this book, the author did a fantastic job of relating his emotions with his actions and even non-action as children with autism or other social struggles are more likely to do. I guarantee you will fall in love with all of them all over again. This author does such a wonderful job of pulling you into their story and their emotions and her books are so well written that you can't help but get sucked in. Go grab all of her books now!

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