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Strictly by the Book by Brenda Margriet Review!

This was my first book by the talented Brenda Margriet and it won't be my last. I so enjoyed this grumpy hero and sunny heroine story. I will be going back to read the first three books in the Silverberry Seduction series. You can read my interview with the wonderful Brenda Margriet here on my blog as well and learn all about her books and writing.

Natalie is a strong, intelligent, forgiving woman. She is trying to help her sister through her addiction and taking the job of writing Rafe's mother's biography will give her just enough money to help.

Rafe has found some evidence of his mother's misdeeds from when she was in office and is desperate to keep them a secret from the world and from Natalie. He is a loner who has punished himself for his past and never felt the love and affection of his family that his older brother received.

These two shouldn't get along but their attraction is undeniable and they grow to know each other on a deeper level, but their pasts come back to haunt them and potentially ruin everything.

I loved the story between these two, they have real lives with real trauma and have to learn to move forward before they can trust they are enough for each other. This book has a little of everything but without overwhelming the reader. The author does a wonderful job of pulling in different aspects of the characters lives throughout the story so that it flows well and really enhances the story of not only the building of their relationship but also of moving on from their pasts.

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