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Song for Someone by KD Sherrinford Review

If you have a love of Sherlock Holmes and want to read a romantic twist to Irene Adler and Sherlock Holmes' story then this is the book for you! The talented KD Sherrinford has spun a fantastic tale that takes you back to London's Victorian times and into the life of Irene Adler. Irene is not a prominent character in the original Sherlock Holmes stories but if you are a fan of smart, strong, and witty women then you may be like me and have a fascination of what Irene would have been like if she had been more prominent in Sherlock's life. KD Sherrinford does a wonderful job incorporating the historical details, the accuracy of Sherlock Holmes, and the new depth to Irene Adler.

I have always loved Sherlock Holmes, from the original stories, to all the more modern adaptations, and Song for Someone did not disappoint as a new addition to my Sherlock obsession. The author does a fantastic job of detailing Victorian London and bringing the place, era, and people back to life. Song for Someone is told from a completely new and different point of view. We get to see Sherlock in a different light and get more of the wonderful Irene Adler. We get a story that takes place after the original Scandal in Bohemia where Irene outsmarts the talented Sherlock. We get to see what would have happened between these two talented, strong, amazing personalities. I thoroughly enjoyed the amazing descriptions of the Victorian settings, the strong, intelligent women, and an insightful look of what life would look like if Irene and Sherlock truly came back together.

If you enjoy Sherlock Holmes, mystery or suspense with a historical twist I highly recommend giving Song for Someone a read. Make sure to check the book out and enjoy the read!

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