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See Her by Natalie Parker, Not your average rockstar romance!

Welcome back! If you missed it, my last blog post was a wonderful author interview with Natalie Parker. Make sure to head over and read all about her and her books if you haven't already:)

After Natalie's interview I just had to sit down and start her rockstar romance series. I started with See Her, the second edition and book 1 of her series. And let me tell you, I was certainly not disappointed! Read my review of See Her and then make sure to grab your copy and see for yourself!

This is so much more than a rockstar romance! This is a fantastic love story.

We start with Mayzie; she is a dancer and writer who is still working on her self-confidence. She is beautiful, caring, and loves to laugh. This beautiful laugh and sweet spirit are what lead to the meet cute with Jack. Jack is an aspiring musician, but isn't your typical self-absorbed alphahole, he is sweet and kind and just a little shy. Seeing Mayzie's sweet smile and hearing her beautiful laugh he is immediately smitten with Mayzie. This is where our beautiful love story begins. We get to see their relationship grow and evolve, they start out on a slow burn, learning each other and cautiously stepping into love. While the instant feelings of connection and love are quick with these two the author does a fantastic job of showing pieces of them together and building a solid foundation before their lives are rocked.

Jack's band finally gets its big break and Mayzie and Jack have to struggle through the hardships of fame, being a part, and Jack's bandmates not being on board with their relationship getting in the way of the band.

This was such a well done sweet romance story. I loved getting to see the real Mayzie and Jack at the beginning of the relationship, before the stardom and fame. I enjoyed how they each grew and while their relationship struggled setbacks they both worked to get back to each other. You get to see the real side of the relationship. While having a relationship with a rockstar may not be realistic for most of us, the struggles these two face in their story are typical of many relationships. The author did a wonderful job of drawing you into the characters' lives and really connecting with their feelings for each other and their passions with music, dance and writing.

I am off to read the next book in the series! I hope you will check out Natalie's books with me:)

You can follow her and find her books at the links below!

Be sure to follow Natalie on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to see all about her books!

See Her: A Rockstar Romance - Second Edition

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