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Five Reasons to Stay by Andie Bale Review! Fantastic Friends to Lovers Romance.

This was my first read by the talented Andie Bale and it did not disappoint! I will absolutely be going back to the beginning of the series to read them all. I absolutely recommend this read if you enjoy romance. If you haven't read the interview with Andie Bale be sure to check my blog and read all about her books, her writing, and a few fun personal facts as well! Read more for my thoughts on this amazing read and be sure to click the link at the bottom to grab your copy and make sure to follow Andie Bale!

Five Reasons to Stay is a wonderful friends to lovers romance read! Allison is a teacher who has been in love with her best friend Wyatt for some time but after Wyatt brushes off her outburst of feelings she tries to move on and begin to date. This is when the real story begins and the steaminess hits the pages. Wyatt isn't about to let Allison get away but he has a past Allison doesn't know about and things are about to take a turn that may tear them apart.

This was a fantastic sweet read. I enjoyed the push and pull between Allison and Wyatt and the growth of their bond and need to protect Wyatt's nephew. The author did a great job developing these characters and showing the strain that family, friends, and a past place on a relationship. While allowing her characters to make mistakes and step back from each other, the author also showed the significance of communication and apologies in a relationship. I enjoyed the realness of their relationship along with the off the charts heat between them. I will definitely be going back to read the entire series and find more to read from this author!

Make sure to grab your copy now! Find Andie's other reads on her Amazon page.

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