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Falling for the Bachelor

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

This was such a fun friends to lovers romance. Sawyer is once again a victim of the meddling small town and now has to be the new town bachelor for their crazy show, but his best friend's sister has a plan to help him out. Olivia is friends by proxy with Sawyer and suddenly noticing just how attractive he is. She thinks she can help him by acting as one of the love interests on the show and still maintain their friendship. However, feelings get in the way and things turn upside down for these two.

This was such a sweet and fun romance. It still has all the small town feel that I know from Amy Alves wonderful stories but had an extra layer of hilarity thanks to Sawyer's disasters. I love all of Amy Alves books but truly had some laugh out loud moments with this one. I highly recommend reading this fantastically fun romance!

Amy Alves was recommended by wife to me and I have found that I enjoy her mixture of steam, small town sweetness and hilarity.

Looking for everything Amy Alves? Make sure to check out all of her books and follow her on social media! Check out her website here:

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